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Al Fresco Dining, Clutterdog Style

I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce my supporting cast (of life).  First and foremost, this is Clutterhubs.  This picture is over 5 years ago and was taken in Atlantic City, Maryland.  We’re not from Maryland; I have deeply planted Virginia roots and he hails from the “great” state of Texas.  We did, however, go to college in Maryland.  I did a  lot of sleeping in college, and haven’t ever used my degree.  Not even once.

Clutterhubs always manages to get himself into bad situations, like getting mauled by bears. Luckily he has me to keep him safe!

Here’s one of us pretending to be normal.  Nicely posed pictures of us are few and far between because we’re both HORRIBLY awkward people.  We’re sitting in a giant field of lavender at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan.

I just love lavender. Did you know you can EAT it? I've had lavender pancakes and tea. Amazing.

Japan is beautiful.

I guess now is a good time to mention that we actually live in Japan.  For now, anyway.  We love it here.  Earthquakes and tsunamis aren’t all that great, but the culture and people are ama-za-zing.

The red thing is called a Torii, and it's essentially a gate that lets you know you're getting close to a Shinto shrine. They're EVERYWHERE here.

See?  Proof we live here!

Sake. Lots of sake.

"Daibutsu." Americans mostly just call it the big ol' Buddha.

Ok, enough of that.  Here’s one last “Japan” picture.  It’s me snacking on some lavender and green tea ice cream (TOLD you that you could eat lavender).  Those aren’t weird flavors at all over here.  I feel so worldly when I get to share things like this with y’all, but I haven’t forgotten my roots.  I’m still from the kind of place where we hung out in Wally World parking lots and I grew up on sweet tea and biscuits & gravy.

I'm lactose intolerant, but I'm not very good at it. Dairy is just SO yummy.

Moving on, for the next four months these are our only babies.  Introducing, THE CLUTTERDOGS!

Ben is the lazy one in the back, and Baxter is the crazy ball of energy with his ears flapping in his self-produced wind.

They’re just like us, but in beagle form!  They’re lazy, messy, and totally lovable in their weirdness.  Case in point, this morning I walked into the living room to find this:

I guess his eatin' spot wasn't good enough.

Mysteriously absent was the food dish that I originally put the food into this morning (at 5 am, when ClutterBen jumped into my sleeping face while squeaking a stuffed hedgehog).

I followed the trail of breadcrumbs that one of my Hansels left for me (I’m the only Gretel here at Blue Palm Manor).

5 ft away, Baxter was grubbing on some of his food trail.

Like I said, the Clutterdogs are just like us: lazy and messy.  I have no idea why he decided to scatter his food all over the living and dining rooms.  It doesn’t make sense to normal folks . . . kind of like the trail of Cluttersocks that my husband leaves from the recliner to the bedroom, or me putting dirty dishes in the fridge until I feel like washing them.  But this is our normal.

I just shook my pretty little head and kept looking for the missing  food dish.  The trail led me to the backyard.

Looks like there's something interesting over there . . . Interesting enough for Baxter to bully Ben into backing away.

Ah ha!

Oh. *There's* your food dish.

So, Baxter decided his food dish needed to be moved approximately 30 feet and then dumped out for the crows.  Neat.

This is our life, and I’m thankful for every ridiculous minute.  I’ve alluded in the past to the adorable little parasite currently incubating in my belly.  I’m proud to officially introduce you to the newest member of the Clutterhome Family, Logan!

Clutterhubs doesn't agree, but I think Logan looks oddly like Skeletor from this angle.

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