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Our ClutterCloset was Featured!

I am tickled pink that Clutterhome was featured on Chocolate Drool and Kisses this week!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses

You may remember this debacle.

And our subsequent ClutterCloset Sheet Organization, inspired by Ms. Martha Stewart.

Thank you, Crystal, for the feature!  Be sure to pop over and give her a visit!



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Freezer Cooking: Storing Soup

It’s no secret.  We’re a teensy bit lazy here at Clutterhome.  I mean, it’s not like we live in a pig pen or anything.  But, I will gladly skip cooking in favor of hitting up one of our favorite local restaurants.

Our bank account likes it better when we cook at home, though.

We try and make the cooking process as pain free as possible, and LOVE quick easy recipes.  Freezer cooking allows us to cook once and feed ourselves 4 or 5 additional meals down the road.  As a military spouse who often finds myself alone, this method also helps me make cheap meals for one person without having to cut recipes down to smaller sizes.  Hooray!  Lazy loophole!

And it makes for a happy Erika because it means less dishes!

Today I made a big ol’ pot of “X Soup.”  It’s a tweaked and personalized-to-our-tastes version of Southern Plate’s Taco Soup.  There’s a whole story behind why we call it “X Soup,” but the short version is that it’s named after my future-sister-in-law, Christina, whom I affectionately refer to as X-tina, or “X” for short.

Soups and chilis, once prepared, can be frozen for up to 4 months.  The easiest way I’ve found is to separate enough for one meal and seal it in a Ziploc bag.  For my two person family, that’s about 3 cups.

For safety purposes, make sure you label the bag with the contents and the date prepared!  You don’t want a bunch of unknown soup cluttering up your freezer.  Trust me, you won’t be brave enough to eat it.

I like to take multiple bags, lay them flat in the freezer, and after they freeze I stand them upright so they take up less room.

They defrost quickly, but I usually remove it from the freezer the night before I plan on eating some good ol’ X Soup.  I let it thaw in the ClutterFridge and then reheat it for dinner!  It’s yummy with cornbread (which also freezes well!).

In case you’ve lost track, the countdown to ClutterBaby is roughly 2.5 months!  We’re going to be stocking our freezer with ready made meals between now and then, we’ll be bringing you more freezer cooking tips and recipe suggestions that work well for other lazy efficient people like us.

I know Clutterhubs STILL doesn't see it, but Clutterbaby looks like Skeletor to me.

See where we’ve linked up today!


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ClutterCloset Organization: Sheet Storage

To recap, here is our disaster starting point:

This is probably hard to believe, but I know how to fold fitted sheets.  Thank you, military school (I learned by watching YouTube videos over and over.  Yes, I just admitted that).  I just choose not to do it properly most of the time.  But as you can see, there actually are some decently folded sheets, fitted and flat, lurking in the depths of our linen closet.  Squint your eyes and look really closely . . . I promise they’re there.  (Okay, not really, but it was worth a shot).

I saw this amazing tip online this morning.  Miss Martha herself suggests storing sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Of course mine don’t look that pretty, but it’s really convenient!  Especially if you’re like me and own about 10 different kinds of mis-matched sheet sets.  Typically my pillow cases don’t match my sheets because, in the big scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.  But storing everything together in the linen closet is going to streamline my sheet changing process in ways you can’t imagine!  I won’t have to spend 10 minutes searching for pillow cases anymore!

Ok, so my sheets aren’t as pretty as Martha’s.  That’s okay.  And in doing this I realized that I only have 3 sets of sheets that actually have matching pillowcases.  That’s okay, too.  This is a great start to reorganizing the ClutterCloset, and this is still a great tip that I wholeheartedly endorse.


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ClutterCloset Organization

Yeah, okay.  We’re not organized here at Clutterhome.  Life goes on.  But sometimes, the disorganization can be scary.  Fear inducing.  Frightening.

My little “paper cha$er“, Clutterhubs, gets up around 4:30am to get ready to head off to work.  After he left this morning, I decided I was going to change the sheets on the bed before I haphazardly tossed the comforter on top made it.

That’s when the attack happened.

It looks like an ordinary closet, but don’t let that fool you.

Here is a dramatic recreation of events.

I narrowly escaped injury.  I decided (yes, at 5:30am) that I will organize the closet today.  Here’s a before shot.

I bought this amazing iron caddy on sale a few weeks ago, and let me tell you it made a huge difference.  No more iron attacks!

Stay tuned for updates and ClutterTips on closet organization.  That probably sounds counter-intuitive, taking organization tips from the Queen of Clutter herself.  However, if there’s a tip that I’m implementing then you know it’s gotta be good.


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