Crafts for the Uncrafty: “Picture Frames” for Kids

It’s no secret.  I.  Can’t.  Craft.  But, I’m responsible for a lovely Girl Scout troop filled with fabulous young ladies and am always looking for EASY crafts that even I can handle.

Today’s Uncraft is simple, cheap, and fun for the kids.  I’m always surprised when they can take something so simple and treat it like it is a great work of art.  That’s why I love children.

Step 1)  Use your word processor and create a template for a picture frame for the kids to color in.

It's nice and colorful, but that's really because I'm out of black ink. That's so Clutterholic.

Or you can use the Clutterholic FrameTemplate.

Step 2) Give the kids craft supplies and let them go to town!  They will probably take it very seriously.  I told them in the beginning that this was a “quick craft” and we would only spend 10-15 minutes on it.  Nearly 30 minutes later we were finally wrapping up.  They were just having so much fun that I let them continue.  I try not to make a habit of squashing kid’s creative moments.

I also don’t mind if children decide to walk to the beat of their own drum or think outside the box.  There will always be the ones who ignore your directions and decide to go ahead and cut out the middle because it just makes more sense to them that way.  And that’s okay!

K decided she didn't like the middle part, so she cut it out. I love it, K!

Or someone may decide they want a BIGGER frame than the one you designed.  Neat!

I love it, A! No need to make your art small when you've got BIG ideas!

And then you will always have at least one who looks at a project and sees something completely different.  Wonderful!

Precious little C decided that she didn't need a photo. She created her OWN art for her frame!

As a bonus, here’s another fun photo activity.  We’ve been working on our photography badge, but this could easily be tweaked as something fun to do at home with your kids!  I printed this and used it as a title page and created blank “books” for the kids to take home and go crazy with.  The directions are self-explanatory.  Enjoy!

This would be fun to make memory books for Christmas, birthday parties, or summer vacation!



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2 responses to “Crafts for the Uncrafty: “Picture Frames” for Kids

  1. Popped in from SITS! I want to do that at 26! 🙂

  2. Well, secretly so did I 😉 That’s how I came up with it.

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