Crafts for the Uncrafty: Decoupage

Ever since I saw this picture on Pinteret, I’ve been wanting to make a similar one.  For us, home changes every couple of years (4 in the last 5 years), so in our world it’s more of a “Home is where the Navy sends you.”

Image from

I looked online to see if I could order only the Scrabble pieces that I needed, but it would have cost me roughly $15 plus shipping and handling.  I opted to just purchase the game for $13 instead.  It was a financially responsible move on my part (and those are rare!), but I also have enough pieces left over to spell my son and our two Clutterdogs’s names.  Bonus:  I can make this later (also found on Pinterest).

So if you find yourself some Scrabble pieces, this Uncraft is completely personalizable.  You could make a picture frame, a fun box for storing trinkets, or even a cute desk nameplate.  The sky’s the limit here, Clutterfans!


You will need:

1)  Something to serve as a base.  I used a blank canvas I bought over a year ago for a craft I never did.  How Clutterholic of me to pack it up and move it 10,000 miles with me.

2)  Scrabble pieces.  You could probably substitute magazine letters for an awesome ransom note cut & paste effect.

3)  Pretty paper or pictures to glue decoupage onto  your base.  (Did y’all know those pretty much mean the same thing?)

4)  Scissors and something to measure with if you’re going for perfection.

5)  Mod Podge, or you can make your own with equal parts of water and white glue.

6)  Foam brush for applying Mod Podge.

Shh... I had to make an H from a blank tile. Apparently Scrabble only comes with 2 H's.

Cut your paper and lay it out how you would like to apply it to your base.  I chose to use origami paper (60 sheets for $1, not too shabby) and made it into a quilt pattern.  Dip your brush into your Mod Podge and . . .

Easy peasy.

Wipe and smear it all over your base!  Stick your paper on in whatever design you came up with.

Wipey, smeary, sticky.

Smooth out as many wrinkles as you can (I skipped this step, oops), and cover the top of your paper with Mod Podge.  Fold the edges over and glue them in place.

Smoothy, foldy, gluey.

I did my corners like I was wrapping a present.  I love presents!  I made a flap, tucked it around the corner, and Mod Podged the life out of it.

Flappy, tucky, Mod-Podgey.

After the first layer of Mod Podge dried, I applied a second coat and stuck on my Scrabble letters.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get them on straight, so I went with a Clutterific and kind of lopside look. It's our Clutterhome way.

Viola!  It’s exactly what I was going for:  colorful, fun, and kind of tacky!  I’m going to hang it in my laundry room because that place needs some cheering up.  It might even inspire me to actually DO some laundry . . .

I love it! Wrinkles, homemade H and all!

Don’t forget!  I’ll be Guest Clutterblogging on Sugar in My Grits for the:

May 23- Life as a Clutterwife in Japan.  Read first hand how I’ve learned to adapt and overcome and really ENJOY life in Japan as a military spouse and SAH(almost)M.

May 29-Crafts for the Uncrafty (because you know that’s me!):  DIY Nautical Crafts for the Home 

And be sure to check out Sugar in my Grits over the next couple of weeks for some really interesting posts from military spouses around the world!  There will be some awesome giveaways, so keep your eyes open for those babies, too!



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  1. I love decoupage! Thanks for sharing.

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