Ruin-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning

I’ve been meaning to clean our “guest room” carpets for quite some time.  One of the dogs decided it looked like a mighty fine place to use the bathroom and left us a neat smell and cool stains.  We have company coming in 2 weeks (hooray, more ClutterFamily!) and we need to turn this into a functional place for them to sleep.  First, I had to move everything out of the room to begin the magical transformation.  Say sayonara to all of this stuff!

I want to paint to make it feel cozy, but that is so far outside of my domestic capabilities.

Ok, that’s actually not a very accurate representation of what we were starting with.  Last weekend, we cleared out tons and tons of junk to make room for furniture for our little LoganBug.  The bulky stuff  we took out was “temporarily” relocated to our bedroom and living room.  I really wish I had a before picture of the disaster, but here is a glimpse of what USED to be in there.

Hmm.. moving boxes that remain to be unpacked from our move a year ago.

We own several dehumidifiers, portable A/C and heating units, and fans.  We were told before moving in that our current home would be freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer.  That is not the case, so they mostly just sit in our guest room closets and bedroom.  I may have gone crazy before moving and purchased “extras” of everything so we wouldn’t be caught without some crucial cooling system in July.  I’m a little nutso.

Extra bed we bought for roughly $70 and our hall closest. Complete with nutso fans and another dehumidifier.

We bought a guest bed that’s a full on the bottom bunk and a twin on the top.  We need to somehow find a full mattress before our company gets here in 2 weeks.

Oh, and the desk (which wasn’t being used) was relocated to the living room because you can’t really walk in our bedroom now.

This is where all of the Clutterholic magic happens. Yes, I'm using a TV as a monitor. Hooking up the ACTUAL monitor would require too much effort on my part.

Ok, so back to moving everything out so I could work my DIY magic and clean the carpet!  This was fun.  But not really.

Not fat. Pregnant. Don't judge me and my desert-for-breakfast lifestyle.

That’s when I realized this was an opportune time to put the filters back into our A/C slash heater thing.  I made Clutterhubs clean them a week ago because I was convinced they were full of mold.  Turns out, there was no mold.

The remote control to our AC/heater is in Japanese. Being able to read Japanese would be *so* helpful since we live in Japan. We just mash buttons until air comes out. You win some, you lose some.

Once the room was empty, I busted out our vacuum.  It was probably super excited to be getting used, but that excitement undoubtedly turned into sadness when he got all plugged up with dog hair.  “Perfect” for pets.

Wanna know the worst part? There is a dead roach in the bottom. Clutterhubs sucked it up and I'm too wimpy to remove it myself.

So, onward with the “DIY Carpet Cleaning.”  If I lived in the US, I would absolutely pay someone to do this for me.  That’s just how we are, but since that’s not an option you get the pleasure of learning my secret technique.

Actually, it’s not much of a secret.  I was out of carpet cleaning stuff for the carpet cleaning machine I borrowed, but a quick Google search saved the day.  A couple of days ago, I learned from the blog My-Beautiful-Muslim-Life that you can use white vinegar to get smells out of laundry.

I actually used the kind in the plastic jug because it's cheaper. Gotta keep my man happy and all that.

Armed with that information, I typed “white vinegar DIY carpet cleaning” into Google and, voila!  That led me to which says you can dump that smelly awesomeness into a carpet cleaner and it will remove smells from carpet, too.

Except here’s the kicker . . . while it dries, everything will smell like vinegar.  Neat.  So in my effort to make everything clean and amazing, I made my whole house smell very strongly of vinegar.  Just another day in the life . . .

So I put our fans to good use, because I read that if you just let them dry then it can cause MOLD.  Ahhh!  So Clutterhome is airing out, and I’m thinking about heading out to walk Ben & Baxter while my DIY RIY cleaning job stops stinking.

Sadly, there are still 6 fans and 2 dehumidifiers elsewhere in Clutterhome that aren't pictured. Nutso.



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2 responses to “Ruin-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning

  1. Haha, I know about the vinegar. I clean my bathroom with thinned out acetic acid. Perfect for mother nature but smells like hell :).

  2. Maybe I should have diluted the vinegar? I just filled the whole tub where the cleaning solution goes. In retrospect, I probably should have spent more time researching the process and thinned it out some like you do with the acetic acid. Oh well 🙂

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